Sunday Worship Service

Our Sunday Worship Service is one time that we gather together to worship God.  There are a few things that you could expect to occur every Worship Service.  Those things include preaching from the Bible, prayer, and worship through music.  We also on a regular basis observe the Lord’s Table during our Worship Service in obedience to Christ’s command.  The Sunday Worship Service begins at 11:00 am and we welcome you to come worship with us.

Family Bible Hour

Family Bible Hour is a time when we study the Bible together.  Family Bible Hour is essentially a Sunday School for all ages.  This enables the younger to learn from the older and the older to learn from the younger as we grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Family Bible Hour begins at 10:00 am on Sunday morning and we would love you have you join us for that time.

Bible and Brunch

On the first Sunday of every month we have Bible and Brunch.  During this time we enjoy a “pot-luck” style brunch together.  After the brunch we study the Bible together.  Bible and Brunch begins at 10:00 am on the first Sunday of every month, and we welcome visitors to come.

Prayer Meeting

Jesus said “It is written, my house shall be called a house of prayer” (Matthew 21:13, ESV).  We meet on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm for our church wide prayer meeting.

College and Career

The College and Career group is most frequently referred to as the C&C by people at the Chapel.  The C&C meet in various homes on various Monday nights to study Scripture, pray for one another, support one another, and spend time with one another.